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February 27, 2007

O.P. Nayyar

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One of my favourite music composers. Here is a nice article on him, thanks to my friends at rmim. Here is Kaveeta’s tribute.

The man appears to have been a very straight talker; check out the following quote from this intimate interview:

“As I told you before, tunes came to me naturally. I have never had any formal musical training. I don’t know anything about Raagas and other intricacies of music. Yet I could compose classical songs like Dekho Bijali Dole and Chhotasa Baalma. Master classical singer Amir Khan –saab once told me, “What are you talking about not knowing raagas? I counted no fewer than 16 different raagas in your Sambandh tune– Akeli Hoon Main Piya Aa!”

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