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April 1, 2007

Breaking news …

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Readers probably already know that a team of former Indian cricket stars (Chandrakant Pandit, Ashok Mankad, and Ajit Wadekar) slammed Chappell (the older) for suggesting that Tendulkar is done.

I’ve received reports that Lata Mangeshkar has threatened to stop singing in public (and in any form of background music for Indian movies) when Tendulkar is dropped or retires. Sister Asha Bhosle, never far behind her sister, has likewise threatened to stop public performances when Agarkar is dropped or retires.

[Update] Ha ha! April Fool for those that were fooled :-).

Google got 1.5 Fools in this household today. Just after I posted the original version of this post – and thus was wary of the date and its significance – I opened Google Mail and was confronted by this Google Paper ad.

Needless to say, I was intrigued and clicked through.

Here is a series of better screen captures. For a couple of seconds, I was flummoxed as to how they would be able to send postal letters through to my friends and family in India. Then it quickly dawned on me. That is 0.5 of an April Fool.

This morning, I told the Mom Of The Household that Google will now deliver a paper copy of all e-mails as required. Now, to give you some background …

From what I have read, the focal point of most family arguments discussions is money. In ours it is not money but STUFF. Let me put it this way, before marriage, my apartment had wall-to-wall carpeting National Geographicking. Now, after undergoing a lot of “training,” the carpet is visible in many spots at home; and many spots are visible on the carpet as well.

Anyway, once I shared Google’s news, I was pinned by a look of “youarenotgoingtousegmailtoeclipsewhateverportionofthecarpetisstill visibleareyou?”. Having helped Google claim its April Fool, I spilled the beans and we had a nice laugh. Did Gmail make a Fool of you too today?


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