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November 1, 2007

Sports Trivia

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Whosaidit? Who questioned the need for a review after “one very poor series against one of the best teams in the history” – Rahul Dravid or Duncan Fletcher?

Whoisit? Who was referred to in this quote “… he hasn’t thrown his heart and soul into performing …” – Sachin Tendulkar or Kobe Bryant?

Whodunit? Is someone who looks like an Indian, eats like an Indian, walks like an Indian, talks like an Indian, really an Indian? Notwithstanding the obvious alternatives (take your pick from Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi), could he instead be a a) West Indian, b) South African, c) American? Heck, it might even be Ere Seshiah!! That would be like a Perry Mason – more likely Johnny Cochran – scoop!

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