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December 2, 2007

Hokies for the BCS Title Game!

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[We interrupt the regularly scheduled program on this blog – silence – to bring you this public service announcement]

Vote (if you can, that is) for the Virginia Tech Hokies to get into the NCAAF BCS title game.

I would not have been writing this piece, but for Brent Musberger and his “friend” at ABC. They talked up LSU so much that I felt obligated to respond.

If you were to ask me who should go, I would say Ohio State and Georgia. However, Brent and his pal discounted both Georgia and Kansas, reasoning that they did not win their respective conferences. If winning conferences and current ranking were the main factors, HOW DID THEY FORGET the ACC champion (and ranked ahead of LSU before today’s games) Hokies???? They mentioned the Hokies NOT ONCE in their discussion of the Bowl title game.

Granted, Va Tech lost twice during the season, one of which was to then-undefeated #2 LSU. But the other loss was to then #2 Boston College. Since the loss to Boston College, Va Tech has gone undefeated (AND cancelled out that BC loss) whereas since beating Va Tech, LSU has lost TWICE.

Logically, as far as I am concernd, based solely on complete season records, Ohio State must play either Georgia or Kansas, and if you ask me, Georgia has a legitimate shot at beating Ohio State. On the other hand, if I were to pick the two strongest teams right now to play, I would have to pick USC and LSU. But, using your logic Brent, it has got to be Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech. Brent, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.


1) if their QB had played the season out, Oregon would probably have gone undefeated the rest of the way and be in the #1 spot right now.
2) how expensive can one loss be? Ask the Kansas team, who will most likely not play in any of the BCS bowls.

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