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December 5, 2007

The Case

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I meant to append the following discussion to my previous post, but then changed my mind.

Whoever called the Indian cricket selectors a bunch of jokers needs to watch the folks who vote on American College Football rankings. What moniker will these folks get? I wonder!

How can anyone explain the following?

Team-Previous Rankings (AP/USA Today/Harris Interactive/BCS)-Current Result-New Rankings

OSU – 3/3/3/3 – did not play – 1/1/1/1
LSU – 5/7/5/7 – beat #14 Tennessee 21-14 – 2/2/2/2
Virginia Tech – 6/5T/7/6 – beat #12 Boston College 30-16 – 5/5/6/3
Oklahoma – 9/8/8/9 – beat #1 Missouri 38-17 – 3/3/3/4
Kansas – 7/5T/6/5 – did not play – 8/8/8/8
Missouri – 1/2/1/1 – lost to #9 Oklahoma 17-38 – 7/7/7/6
USC – 8/9/9/8 – beat unranked UCLA 24-7 – 6/6/5/7
Georgia – 4/4/4/4 – did not play – 4/4/4/5
West Virginia – 2/1/2/2 – lost to unranked Pittsburgh 9-13 – 11/9/9/9

1) Oklahoma-Missouri showed that Oklahoma is indeed a better team than Missouri. But is that confirmation sufficient for that huge move? Didn’t Oklahoma lose to two much worse teams during the season?

2) Missouri was consistently ahead of Kansas in the polls. How come Kansas got the better bowl game?

3) Don’t even let me talk LSU vs. Virginia Tech. For those who point out a 48-7 score, that game took place when Virginia Tech’s two QB system was not fully functional – how could it be back in September, when one of the two QBs is a freshman?

4) When OSU without playing went from #3 to #1, why did Georgia stay at #4?


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