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January 25, 2008

Counting in … Kannada?

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A mother is reading a bed time story to a little one about a brush that fairies lost at sea. Three mermaids find it. So, the father tries to get little one to count in her mother tongue …

Father (in best Kanglish possible): yeshtu mermaids? vondu … yeraDu …
Little one (loudly): cinco!!!!

Free vocabulary (and rice)

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Got this link from my sibling, and donated 260 grains of rice (reached vocab level 43 in that one try – don’t know how good or bad that is, but at least it gives you a bench mark to compete against 🙂 ) .

Looks like you can try as many times as you want and so, if you have a kiddo you want to vocabularize (that’s a new word I coined), this is your chance!

Tried it several times, and that first try has been my best one yet. Learned something new. An example, did you realize that diametrically opposite is a tautological term? Apparently diametric means completely opposed. No wonder I got it wrong – I selected round.

Update: I really like this site. What it has that sets it apart from other click-here-to-feed-a-hungry-mouth sites is the side effect of education. To paraphrase the FAQ, there are 50 levels, and it is apparently very difficult to exceed Level 48.

For the competition 😉 : I have oscillated/ranged from level 36 to level 47 (yes, I touched 47 – I was on a roll).

All said and done, the most appealing aspect of this site is that the rice donations are totally independent of the level. Even kiddo can range from levels 1-3 and still donate 20 grains of rice per correctly clicked word. And yeah, I’ve almost gotten to 5,000 grains (and counting 🙂 ), and he is nearing 2,000.

Update #2: Never knew about these Yahoo awards. There are some good web sites.

January 21, 2008

The Indian Cricketers in Australia

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Here is an excerpt from one of my favourite poems in school:

सच पूछो तो शर में ही
बसती है दीप्ति विनय की
संधिवचन सम्पूज्य उसीका
जिसमे शक्ति विजय की

सहनशीलता, क्षमा, दया को
तभी पूजता जग है
बल का दर्प चमकता उसके
पीछे जब जगमग है

“Truth be told, it’s in the quiver
That lies the gleam of modesty
Only his peace-talk is reputable
Who is capable of victory

Tolerance, forgiveness and clemency
Are respcted by the world
Only when the glow of strength
From behind it is unfurled”

January 4, 2008

Worst Insult Ever?

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When asked a particular question, if someone shouts back at you “Raisin brain,” what would you do to him/her?

Note: This question has shades of a famous Akbar-Birbal episode!

January 1, 2008

Perfect Oxymoron

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While watching a magic show on TV*, son asks “Is this magic show real?”

* – if memory serves me right, back home – thanks to the Sircars – we were used to watching magic at a higher level than kids here are used to; all they are exposed to (here) at this age is some sleight of hand card tricks or some such, not the sawing-body-in-half kind that was on TV today.

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