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May 9, 2008

Gavaskar and the ICC

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So, Gavaskar quits the ICC – good riddance (to the ICC). Here is a man willing to call a spade a spade and take up the cudgels against what he deems to be inappropriate posturing by officials, and he is roundly criticized by the (mostly foreign, but some local/Indian) media for doing so, notwithstanding the fact that the ICC position was an honorary position, and thus an honour that he was accepting and living up to. I think that the man has the right to speak his mind as a correspondent.

On the other hand, I find it much more acceptable for someone in his position to do so, as compared to an active player writing a column and discussing umpiring. Note that I have no issue with players writing about strategy (though it might come back and haunt his team), discussing the highlights and lowlights of the game, etc. but I do have issues if they were to refer to the umpiring in their newspaper columns while the game is in progress.

The first statistic here is galling! How can they forget that Gavaskar has scored three successive Test hundreds not once but twice? First time was in 1978-79: 111 and 137 at Karachi (in a losing cause) followed by 205 at Bombay (against WI in Malcolm Marshall’s debut series). Second time (I cheated and peeked) was actually the first time in 1971 (!): 117 not out at Bridgetown followed by 124 and 220 at Port of Spain (in his debut series)


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