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May 26, 2008

The Tale (Plight?) of Four Icons …

Filed under: Cricket — Porcupyn @ 8:09 pm

Rounding off the bottom, at #8 – VVS Laxman (can use injury as an excuse, might or might not resurrect a twenty20 career) and his Deccan Chargers

Managed to stave off the wooden spoon, at #7 – Rahul (not many excuses) Dravid and his Royal Challengers (NOT!)

Won a couple of “man of the match”es, might have a decent twenty20 career, at #6 – Sauravda Gangulyda “The Dada” (this might be a good chance to Ride off into the sunset for this (K)night!), and his Knight Riders

Still on the verge of #4 or the brink of #5 (whichever way you see it) – Sachin Tendulkar (has injury as an excuse, might still make it on the scene) and his Indians (and non-Indians)


  1. Funny, the ONLY team with a non-desi captain wins it all!!!

    I was watching NDTV the other day and the Royals’ owners took pride in the fact that most people don’t even know who own the team…..and were happy to be in the backseat unlike the A’s and the M’s….

    Oh, and I am sure you read this…..see how much money Khan made out of Kolkatta even with the team getting out in the first round!!!

    Comment by December Stud — June 3, 2008 @ 2:34 pm | Reply

  2. D.S.:

    “Funny, the ONLY team with a non-desi captain wins it all!!!”

    Funny? Ironic? Normal behaviour? I would go with option #3.

    I did not know that SRK tidbit – don’t think Cricinfo cares too much about stuff like that. I need to go and learn who owns the Royals – was not into the IPL much until the league started…

    Comment by porcupyn — June 4, 2008 @ 5:10 am | Reply

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