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June 28, 2008

Visit to Four of Southwest USA’s National Parks (Part One of Many!)

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A year ago, kiddo castigated us for having visited the Grand Canyon without him, notwithstanding the fact that this egregious act was committed prior to his birth. To propitiate him, we had to promise a trip in the near future. Well, tomorrow finally arrived recently.

My parents were scheduled to visit the USA to welcome a grandchild. Given that they were planning to be with us for a couple of weeks in June and we had vacation days to spare, I cobbled together a plan that had us visiting three National Parks (Zion National Park, UT; Bryce Canyon National Park, UT; Grand Canyon, AZ) in Southwest USA in one week. I will explain the title later …

Zion National Park
My first mistake was not reading brother-in-law’s e-mail properly and going to this place for sunrise, for which we had to wake up at 4:00 am. Big mistake. Zion is not the place for sunrise, or sunset for that matter. Unlike Bryce Canyon (which, technically, is not a canyon) and Grand Canyon, at Zion you are looking out from inside as opposed to looking in from outside. As a result, the scenery is not all that good unless, of course, you wake up really early and hike (climb) up to a spot in the canyon walls – that was out of question for us.

Mistake #2 was going out for sunrise in shorts and without a sweater.

The third mistake, parking the car at the Majestic View Lodge – way outside the park – not realizing that there are TWO shuttle bus routes, one from the town of Springdale upto the park and another intra-park shuttle.

Anyway, we atoned for my mistakes by spending an hour waiting for a bus to ferry us back to the place where we had parked the car; we waited at the very spot where the bus had dropped us off, which was none other than the spot where we should have driven to in our car. I had read too much into the information online which specified that individual vehicles were not allowed into the main drag of the Park this time of the year. The saving grace was that the two eldest members of the party and the youngest member were all left in the motel to catch up on their sleep. Also, I got to take this nice photo of the setting Moon (yes, I mean Moon, not Sun).

Windmills galore

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Where is this place?

Let me confess that this is not a trick question or a trivia question. I do not know the answer. This photo was clicked about two-thirds of the way from Houston, TX to Phoenix, AZ (as the plane flew that day). So, do you know the answer?

PS: BPSK, based on that last comment of yours, you are disqualified (just kidding)!
Wow! So many windmills

June 27, 2008

गीत गाया पत्थरों ने …

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June 14, 2008

Which is the original?

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I’m just curious ,,,


June 4, 2008

Take a guess

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Guess What?

Guess what this photo is all about!

Seeing no takers, here is clue #2:

Guess Now


Guess Now

Half a glass of lemonade or psycho-analyzing?

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I’ve heard how what a person says always tells a lot about him/her. Let’s say I offered someone half a glass of lemonade with much more lemon than normal (bitter lemonade). He (or she) could tell his spouse that I gave him:

a) a glass of lemonade
b) a glass of lemonade, half-full
c) a glass of lemonade, half-empty
d) half a glass of lemonade
e) a glass of lemonade
f) a glass of lemonade that was very tasty
g) a glass of lemonade that was very bitter

Or he could refuse to drink the lemonade and
h) point out that it is too bitter
i) point out that it is too bitter, and ask for more water and sugar so he can dilute it himself to acceptable limits
j) point out that it is too bitter, and tell me to do a better job measuring the amount of lemon in the future

Where do you stand? 🙂 Would you offer a perspective not mentioned yet?

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