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August 29, 2008

A tale of two to-be-four-year-old cousins

Filed under: Family,Humour — Porcupyn @ 4:26 pm

Cousin A: Maternal grandparents are visiting from abroad. Paternal grandparents live here, and paternal grandpa takes maternal grandpa out shopping once in a while. Mother explains to daughter that this is because poor maternal grandpa does not own a car, and he gets bored staying home the whole day.
Four-year-old: “So what? He owns an airplane!”

After all, how did grandparents come here from abroad? Anyone in a mood to debate this four-year-old?

Cousin B: Goes to daycare with a lunchbox in her lunchbag. When she gets home, mother eagerly opens the lunchbag, glad that it is light (which means that – for once – drama queen has finished her lunch). Imagine mother’s surprise when the reason for the light lunchbag is a missing lunchbox.

Mother: “Where is lunchbox?”
Four-year-old: “I throwitaway.”
Mother: “OMG!! Why?”
Four-year-old: “Teacher told me to.”

Now, anybody care to explain to a four-year-old that the teacher wanted her to throw away the leftovers, not the whole lunchbox??!!

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