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April 10, 2009

A quick chess game, anyone?

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I learned chess more than three decades ago, and have not played regularly for quite some time now. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I never formally learned chess – in fact, I don’t think I know any of the famous openings off-hand.

With that background in mind, this morning, as I was flipping through my old photo folders, I came across a screenshot that had snuck in. Memory rewind … this was a game I played in the late 1990s over the internet. Don’t know if my opponent was:

  • a kid (highly unlikely that a kid would have been online back then),
  • an adult who had no clue of chess, or
  • an adult who thought I was a kid (i.e., an extremely overconfident adult)

But it was the quickest game I ever remember playing* (win or lose)! I mean, it was over in nine moves.

Checkmate in Nine!

Checkmate in Nine!

* – OK, maybe my mother beat me in fewer moves once or twice!!


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