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May 30, 2009

ये क्या हो रहा है?!!

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Surely, one would expect better from Rajshri Productions, or, maybe not!

Looks like we’re now liberated enough from the British to twist that old quote “East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet.”

Things that make you go hmmm …

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Marv Albert can pronounce Zydrunas Ilgauskas but gets tongue-tied with Hedayat Turkoglu. It gets shortened to Hedo! 😉

May 29, 2009

Tales of Katya – 2

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Upon entering office building …

Katya: I wanna go on the Lavelator.
Mother: What the …?!
Katya (runs past Baab and points): I wanna press the buttons.
Mother/Yours truly (two tubelights light up): Oh OK!!

On the way down …

Katya (to Baab): Say after me … Laav
Baab: Laav
Katya: E …
Baab: E
Katya: Later, Laav-e-later!
Baab: It’s elevator, Katya, not Laav-e-later!
Katya: What the …!!

May 24, 2009

The Hindoo Women (sic)

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Thanks to gorigirl, I got a link to this epic. Please turn to page 118. Enough said!

OK, I need to add that the rest of the book should also be illuminating.

[Update] This article summarizes the author’s frame of mind!

Here are some more books to read:

May 20, 2009

Tales of Katya – 1

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Like 0.01% of all kids (but 99.99% of all desi ones), Katya is notorious for not finishing her food at lunch time. Various tried and tested methods – especially those that worked with Baab – fail miserably with Katya. Scenes like the following are normal:

Mom: Katya, why didn’t you eat your lunch?
Katya: Because lunch time was over!

M: How about the olives?
K: Uh uh. (followed in a high-pitched whine) You didn’t put chocolate milk for me.

M: Only if you finish your lunch. You’ve got to finish today’s lunch at home before you can have anything else.
K (on reaching home): I want a pop-tart.

M: Only after you finish your lunch.

After a few minutes …

K (to me): Can I watch TV?
I (can-ning my obvious response – You can, but you may not – which would obviously serve no useful purpose): OK, go ahead.

After a few more minutes …

I (hoping I have earned enough good-parent credits): Katya, how about a hug for me?
K: Only after I finish my lunch!!

My face = a mastercard moment!

May 19, 2009

deFacebook …

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Mahabharata – don’t know why it took two years for me to see it! There is also a funny one on hum dil de chuke sanam, but it is strictly not for minors, so I leave the search (and find) methods to the discretion of the discerning reader.

May 18, 2009

A satisfactory morning …

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I have bought two of the Brain Quest (I use the 2nd grade ones, though the ones pictured below are for the 4th grade) quizzes for Baab to learn something new at home. The 1st grade version of the quizzes I used quite frequently at his school bus stop while we were waiting for the school bus to arrive. However, since the bus route got taken over by a different driver, we have not had as much time to practice his quiz skills, because this driver comes about 10 minutes earlier and those 10 minutes are pretty crucial (and we are unable to get to the bus stop in time to have available free time).

Brain Quest - Not for dummies!

Brain Quest - Not for dummies!

Over the last few days, however, Baab and Katya have both been waking up early enough, and so I have taken the brain quest with me a few times recently to the bus stop.  On Friday, a couple of other students – also waiting for the bus – sidled up to us while I was asking questions and acted like they were interested in participating. To cut a long story short, by the time the bus arrived this morning (too soon for all of us), there were five kids answering questions by turn. It was fun to ask one of the dudes a question and have three others raising their hands wanting to answer!

So, the bus leaves, and one of the other parents compliments me for getting the kids to stop monkeying around – the driver had recently complained to him that his son was running around on the sidewalk when the bus arrived – and I was glad that I was able to get the kids interested in the quizzes instead of jumping around and chasing each other.

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