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June 27, 2009

The violinist at the Metro

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Apropos this article. is it really that big a deal that folks ignore a famous name-brand musician at a busy place? For one, folks are in a hurry to maintain their schedule and, more importantly, isn’t that reality anyway?

When reviewing resumes (from fresh graduates, not those with experience) for a job, for the most part, aren’t those coming from lower ranked schools summarily rejected? How many times have you seen folks at music festivals (like, for instance, a tyagaraja aradhana) not respecting the artiste and his/her music and having a nice prolonged discussion with their best buddy* (whom they usually meet only at these gatherings)? Now, this would probably happen even when a world class musician performs though less frequently. Unless the listener pays proper attention, how will he/she differentiate genius from mediocrity?

* = to be honest, I’ve committed this sin too!

Song of the day …

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Here is another of my favourite songs of the (cannot believe I am saying this, but got to, seeing that Dilli-6 is also out now!) yesteryear:

मुझे तुम याद करना और मुझ को याद आना तुम
मै इक दिन लौट के आऊँगा ये मत भूल जाना तुम

१) अकेली होगी तुम देखो कहीं ऐसा ना हो जाए
जो अब होठों पे है मुस्कान वो मुस्कान खो जाए
ज़रा लोगों से मिलना तुम ज़रा हँसना हँसाना तुम
मै इक दिन लौट …

२) अगर लड़की तुम्हें कोई मिले जो खूबसूरत हो
तुम्हारी दोस्ती की शायद उसको भी ज़रूरत हो
अगर वो पास आए मुस्कुराए मुस्कुराना तुम
मगर तुम लौट के आओगे ये मत भूल जाना तुम

On the Art of ‘Sic’ing

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It comes across as unprofessional when you ‘sic’ incompletely.

I decided to rent a car and went by myself to the other side of the Island where it is located one of the best hotels. It’s name is DPNY Hotel and I find it quite interesting. I had lunch there in a restaurant on the beach with great seaview. I sat under a palm and ate a mixed green salad with grilled abacaxi (pineapple) and honey. in the afternoon I sunbathe and read on the beach. I ve started here “The age of turbulence” from Alan Greenspan which I highly recomend (sic) you. At five I left back to the small town had a coffee with pao de queijo (cheese bread which is something tipycal (sic) from Brazl (sic) and it’s delicious) read some magazines, walked around and finally back to meu Pousada that is hotel.

There are so many more grammatical errors than the ones highlighted – what is the act of ‘sic’ing called?

June 26, 2009

आते हैं, चले जाते हैं …

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Listened to this great 1980s song on the way in. For now, have copied the lyrics from another blog, and need to double check the words for correctness later.

आते हैं, चले जाते हैं,
जाने वाले कभी कभी
यहाँ अपने प्यार से
लोगों के दिलों में
यादगार बन जाते हैं, आते हैं …

१) रोना ना उदास होना ना
यह आँसू खोना ना
यहाँ ना दामन भिगोना कभी
पाना है कभी कुछ पाना है
कभी कुछ खोना है
यहाँ जो होना है होगा वही

यही ज़िन्दगी है यहाँ जीएँ वही लोग जो
सारे गम भुलाके आँसुओं में मुस्कुराते हैं

आते हैं …

२) चलना है हमें तो चलना है
अकेले चलना है
कोई भी हो या न हो हमसफ़र
राहों में चलें या हम रुकें
रुकें या हम चलें
कहीं भी रुकता नहीं यह सफ़र

आना जाना लगे रहे जीवन की राहों में
राहें वही रहती हैं राही बदल जाते हैं

आते हैं …

३) रातों के, अँधेरी रातों के, घनेरी छाए में
छुपा तो होगा सवेरा कहीं
आएगा, सवेरा आएगा, उजाले लाएगा
अँधेरे होंगे हमेशा नहीं

माने यहाँ हार ना जो
कभी किसी हाल में
वही यहाँ फूल कभी काँटों में खिलाते हैं

आते हैं …

I wonder if someone can put this song up on youtube …

June 24, 2009

Airport to Airport Comparison – A whole lot of take-offs and landings

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Couple of things that you might notice is that there is much more greenery surrounding the airports – in general – as compared to Mumbai and Aurangabad (and even, to a limited extent, Bengaluru). I wonder whether it has to do with rainfall (look at the brown land surrounding Aurangabad’s airport), land-use (compare Mumbai with any of the other airports), or any other reason.

You could take USA airports off the equation using the logic that the country is new, there is a whole lot more available land (both valid reasons, I should say). But then, I would assume that the population density in England is comparable to that in India. And the country is pretty old too, in the sense that there was not too much of available “green fields.” Why then, do the surroundings appear so much more organized at London Heathrow?

I am probably one of the strongest proponents of the theory that politicians are the same, the world over. But, are our politicians in India the worst of the lot? I mean, can they not create some basic rules and regulations that would help? For now, the area surrounding the Bengaluru airport looks better than that around either Mumbai or Aurangabad – let’s see how it develops (I don’t have much hope, from what I have heard of land grabs by the noted software development firms around the airport).

And finally, what is with only two latrines per gender – in one toilet area apiece – in the entire International departures area (I am referring to the location near the gates past security checks) in Bengaluru international? For six gates, no less!! Are the folks in the USA spoilt, or did I miss a restroom or two in Bengaluru? This might be a good research topic, eh?

Orlando Take-off

Miami Take-off

London Heathrow Landing

Mangalooru Take-off

Mumbai Landing

Mumbai Take-off

Aurangabad Landing

Aurangabad Take-off

Mumbai Take-off

Bengaluru Take-off

In case you are comparing the landing speeds in the different landings … it appears that the heavier the aircraft the faster the landing speed (even for the same Boeing 747, the landing speed will vary based on the amount of fuel in the tanks). If you think about it, it is intuitive … after all, a heavier craft will need a faster speed to get off the ground. And, referring to great videos, I guess these are nothing compared to this Dutch pilot(?)’s.

Update: It appears that it is not really OK to take videos while landing and take-offs! Oooops!

June 23, 2009

Pronunciation Guide

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It is difficult to go where CNN has never gone before! Here is a pronunciation guide … CNN is spelt out. 😉


June 22, 2009

Sneak Preview …

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However much I would love to think so, I am most likely not the world’s – or even the household’s (well, if you discount the next 365 days) – greatest videographer. That said, videos that I took at airports that I landed at and took-off from the last couple of weeks – same videographer, same camera – should provide a pretty accurate apples to apples (or airport to airport) comparison!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand words a frame (or close to that) – an added bonus are the words spoken in the background (with or without a running commentary).

As a sneak preview, here is a take-off from Bengaluru International.

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