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June 1, 2009

Why should I part with my cell phone number?

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I hate Yahoo!'s account verification!

What if I don’t have one?
What if I hate the cell phone?
What if my cell phone number changes frequently?
What if …
What if …

It goes without saying that if I enter my fictitious birthday (required on a different version of Yahoo!’s account verification), I will forget it by the time I forget my password and need Yahoo! to reset it for me. Ergo, I will lose my Yahoo! account. Could some Yahoo! tell me how to get around this requirement?

Takeaway for the day (Cricket) …

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I hadn’t realized that only three batsmen can participate in the Super Over. Which means that if two batsmen are out, the Super Over is over!

Basic stuff that you miss if you are not really in tune with the game…

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