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June 3, 2009

The United Nations at the French Open!

Filed under: Tennis — Porcupyn @ 12:51 pm

I wish there were a statistics engine for Tennis as there is one for Cricket. It would help answer my questions:

a) Is this the first time that a Grand Slam tournament has had eight nations represented in the quarter-finals of either the men’s or women’s draw?

b) If it were not for those pesky Russians, there might’ve been more than the 13 nations represented in the combined men’s and women’s quarter-finals this year! I find it hard to believe that more than 13 countries were ever represented at a Grand Slam quarter finals (men and women combined), don’t you?

Men from Mars Sweden, Russia, Great Britain, Chile, Argentina, Spain, France and Switzerland, and women from Venus Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Romania, Australia and the USA.



  1. Very nice observation….:)

    The comment didn’t answer your questions though, I know…..

    I am just happy the way Men’s final played out 🙂

    Comment by December Stud — June 12, 2009 @ 7:14 pm | Reply

  2. D.S.:

    Thanks. I liked how the Men’s final played out too. 🙂

    Comment by porcupyn — June 18, 2009 @ 8:09 am | Reply

  3. Nadal’s out of Wimbeledon…

    Why the heck am I so happy today?!?!?! 😉

    Comment by December Stud — June 19, 2009 @ 7:55 pm | Reply

  4. And, I need to start spelling the words right…oh well, it’s just that happiness thingy which makes me add moree leeters in words!!!

    Comment by December Stud — June 19, 2009 @ 7:56 pm | Reply

  5. D.S.:

    I have mixed feelings. Maybe Andy Murray or the joker will win!! 😉

    Comment by porcupyn — June 19, 2009 @ 9:05 pm | Reply

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