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June 17, 2009

Somewhere on the Sakleshpur-Subrahmanya Road stretch …

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… the almost full moon looks great!


Almost full moon …



  1. We took that trip back from Subrahmanya this past winter. The first stretch of road from Subrahmanya is so bad, calling it a road is being kind. 😐

    Comment by bhel — June 18, 2009 @ 7:52 pm | Reply

  2. bhel:

    I guess I was not specific enough. This was a trip by train, not the road. Back when it was a day train more than two decades ago, I had travelled by it and loved the route. I had named the train the Bango-Mango express (wonder if the trademark is still valid!).

    Comment by porcupyn — June 18, 2009 @ 9:26 pm | Reply

    • Aha! I now understand the reason for the misunderstanding. “Subrahmanya Road” is the name of a railway station. 🙂 I was not really meaning to refer to a segment of roadway. [In India, railheads for places that don’t really have a railway station close by have the “Road” suffix, such as Abu Road (Rajasthan), Srikakulam Road (Andhra), Jajpur Keonjhar Road (Orissa) etc]

      Comment by porcupyn — June 22, 2009 @ 1:37 pm | Reply

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