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June 24, 2009

Airport to Airport Comparison – A whole lot of take-offs and landings

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Couple of things that you might notice is that there is much more greenery surrounding the airports – in general – as compared to Mumbai and Aurangabad (and even, to a limited extent, Bengaluru). I wonder whether it has to do with rainfall (look at the brown land surrounding Aurangabad’s airport), land-use (compare Mumbai with any of the other airports), or any other reason.

You could take USA airports off the equation using the logic that the country is new, there is a whole lot more available land (both valid reasons, I should say). But then, I would assume that the population density in England is comparable to that in India. And the country is pretty old too, in the sense that there was not too much of available “green fields.” Why then, do the surroundings appear so much more organized at London Heathrow?

I am probably one of the strongest proponents of the theory that politicians are the same, the world over. But, are our politicians in India the worst of the lot? I mean, can they not create some basic rules and regulations that would help? For now, the area surrounding the Bengaluru airport looks better than that around either Mumbai or Aurangabad – let’s see how it develops (I don’t have much hope, from what I have heard of land grabs by the noted software development firms around the airport).

And finally, what is with only two latrines per gender – in one toilet area apiece – in the entire International departures area (I am referring to the location near the gates past security checks) in Bengaluru international? For six gates, no less!! Are the folks in the USA spoilt, or did I miss a restroom or two in Bengaluru? This might be a good research topic, eh?

Orlando Take-off

Miami Take-off

London Heathrow Landing

Mangalooru Take-off

Mumbai Landing

Mumbai Take-off

Aurangabad Landing

Aurangabad Take-off

Mumbai Take-off

Bengaluru Take-off

In case you are comparing the landing speeds in the different landings … it appears that the heavier the aircraft the faster the landing speed (even for the same Boeing 747, the landing speed will vary based on the amount of fuel in the tanks). If you think about it, it is intuitive … after all, a heavier craft will need a faster speed to get off the ground. And, referring to great videos, I guess these are nothing compared to this Dutch pilot(?)’s.

Update: It appears that it is not really OK to take videos while landing and take-offs! Oooops!


  1. errr… that was the first thought that crossed my mind, that your camera isnt supposed to be on during flight take off or landing or for that matter any electronic item, dont they keep repeating it all the time in the flights.

    Comment by sachita — July 2, 2009 @ 3:23 am | Reply

  2. sachita:

    Uh oh! Somehow, I never had the idea that camera (or camcorders) would in any way affect the plane’s systems – I can understand how cell phones or other communication devices might. On second thoughts, neither would DVD players.

    This is a moot point, but here’s what I don’t understand (still) though – are these items real hazards or just a way to bully passengers? Wouldn’t you think that taking videos from inside the cockpit (check out my link, in the post, to the Dutch pilot’s videos) is more hazardous?

    Comment by porcupyn — July 2, 2009 @ 6:58 am | Reply

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