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July 30, 2009

My House is Strong – Another Katya Tale

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As you all are aware, power shortage is the situation normal in the real India (the Garden Silicon City is no exception). Katya and Baab are getting used to the situation, but her mother recently observed that Katya hasn’t forgotten her birthplace ;-).

[As related by her mother, as usual, and paraphrased by yours truly]

Katya (to cousin): My house is not weak; my house is strong.

Somehow mother figures out that the topic of discussion is the power situation and thinks that Katya is referring to the UPS that powers the computer and the related lights in the house she is living in, until …

Katya (continues): “Power does not go off in my house! <then flexing her teeny-weeny biceps> My house is strong!” (at this point, there is no doubt that it is not the Indian house that is being described)

July 14, 2009

Another of my favourites …

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July 13, 2009

Riddle me this (Another Katya Tale)

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… or What a dash of a western upraising, steeped in Disney culture, can do to a kid!

[As related to me by her mother]

Katya got a new uniform and tried it out with her mother’s help. She discarded it on the bed after trying it on. Mother, obviously, put it away when Katya went out to play (and forgot about it).

That evening …

Katya: Where is my red flying thing?

Mother: What flying thing?

Katya: I said, where is my red flying thing?

Mother: Is it your toy?

Katya: No, my red flying thing!

Mother (at a loss): Baab, do you know what she is talking about?

Baab (to Kaatya): What do you want?

Katya: My Red Flying Thing!

Baab (to mother this time): I don’t know what she is talking about.

Mother (totally flummoxed now): I do not know what you are saying, child. You need to tell me exactly what you want!

At this point, Katya has realized that she is communicating with Living Things With Less IQ, and that she needs to stoop to their level. So, she lies down on the floor and starts thrashing around like a veritable Roomba. After an hour of no progress, the Roomba quietens down. Issue is still unresolved, of course.

The next day, as Baab is getting ready to put on his uniform, Katya says something, that lights up the resident tubelights of the house.

In true Vikram-Vetaal style, a riddle for the wordly (and wordly) wise, and those who are into Disney (that’s a clue, I think):

What did Katya say, or How do you get from a school uniform to a Flying Thing with a couple of degrees of separation? Answers will be posted in an update in a couple of days or after a critical mass of correct/incorrect responses are reached, whichever comes first!

July 11, 2009

One of my favourite heroines …

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… with one of my favourite songs.

July 3, 2009

NBC/ESPN2 Wimbledon Coverage – Very Disappointing

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I’ve read online that these companies have been upto these shenanigans throughout the week under the guise of contractual obligations. When they do it on weekdays (work days), it is not a big deal as I would be unable to watch it anyway. However, doing it today, and during the Wimbledon’s Men’s Semi-Finals is frustrating to say the least.

In today’s age, that troglodyte who acts as Geico’s pitchman is likely the only one who is without internet access. In other words, if you are a normal human being that loves Tennis, you would likely have access to the latest score (whether or not you choose to check it).

That is why it is frustrating that I have to follow Tennis live via Wimbledon radio; the sound is much better online that via a Shortwave radio, I must add. 🙂 Now, it was okay that ESPN2 was showing it live until some time ago. But now, ESPN2 is off of Tennis, and NBC is two sets behind the action and pretending that action is live (in their defence, they don’t have a “Live” graphic anywhere on the screen but then they don’t say “Recorded” either).

Shame on them.

July 2, 2009

Are you smarter than a third-grader*?

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A mother who can talk Hindi without an accent, but stumbles when faced with high-falutin language, forwarded the following question to a father. The father who claims proficiency in the language (on the basis of a “distinction” in Class Xth CBSE boards now nearly three decades – has it really been that long? – ago, plus because he grew up north of the Vindhyas!) tried and failed to express full confidence in his picks.

He forwarded the list to his sister who, because she converses with her kids in Hindi and has a bunch of Hindi-speaking friends, is more of the bona-fide Hindi guru of the extended family now. She promptly wrote back crossing out a couple of her brother’s picks. However, she had to use the process of elimination to complete the matches. So, the jury is still – tentatively speaking – out on the veracity of the final picks!

Anyway, let’s see कौन कितने पानी में है, shall we? Without consulting brother, or बिरादर google (FYI, mother tried her usual tried-and-tested tactic but failed this time) or the nearest copy of your आदर्श हिन्दी शब्द्कोश, would you try your hand at matching up the following?

To ensure a level playing field, only the e-mail is paraphrased. The rest is just as I (the not-so-smart-after-all father, in case someone is unsure as to who is who) got it, i.e., it is one whole “sic” question!

As part of his homework, Baab needs to match these sounds with the animals that make it.

Chinghaadtha Hai
Rumbhaathi Hai
Dundaktha Hai
Mimiyaathi Hai
Hinhinaatha hai
Bhonktha hai
renktha hai
dahaadtha hai

The above are to be matched with these animals: Baagh, Haathi, Kooker, Gadha, Bakri, Bhains, Ghoda, Gaay

Bonus points: Pick the odd animal out of these three … (when last seen, brother and sister were still arguing over this one online!)

– बाघ
– शेर
– सिंह

* = in Hindi 😉

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