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July 3, 2009

NBC/ESPN2 Wimbledon Coverage – Very Disappointing

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I’ve read online that these companies have been upto these shenanigans throughout the week under the guise of contractual obligations. When they do it on weekdays (work days), it is not a big deal as I would be unable to watch it anyway. However, doing it today, and during the Wimbledon’s Men’s Semi-Finals is frustrating to say the least.

In today’s age, that troglodyte who acts as Geico’s pitchman is likely the only one who is without internet access. In other words, if you are a normal human being that loves Tennis, you would likely have access to the latest score (whether or not you choose to check it).

That is why it is frustrating that I have to follow Tennis live via Wimbledon radio; the sound is much better online that via a Shortwave radio, I must add. 🙂 Now, it was okay that ESPN2 was showing it live until some time ago. But now, ESPN2 is off of Tennis, and NBC is two sets behind the action and pretending that action is live (in their defence, they don’t have a “Live” graphic anywhere on the screen but then they don’t say “Recorded” either).

Shame on them.

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