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July 13, 2009

Riddle me this (Another Katya Tale)

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… or What a dash of a western upraising, steeped in Disney culture, can do to a kid!

[As related to me by her mother]

Katya got a new uniform and tried it out with her mother’s help. She discarded it on the bed after trying it on. Mother, obviously, put it away when Katya went out to play (and forgot about it).

That evening …

Katya: Where is my red flying thing?

Mother: What flying thing?

Katya: I said, where is my red flying thing?

Mother: Is it your toy?

Katya: No, my red flying thing!

Mother (at a loss): Baab, do you know what she is talking about?

Baab (to Kaatya): What do you want?

Katya: My Red Flying Thing!

Baab (to mother this time): I don’t know what she is talking about.

Mother (totally flummoxed now): I do not know what you are saying, child. You need to tell me exactly what you want!

At this point, Katya has realized that she is communicating with Living Things With Less IQ, and that she needs to stoop to their level. So, she lies down on the floor and starts thrashing around like a veritable Roomba. After an hour of no progress, the Roomba quietens down. Issue is still unresolved, of course.

The next day, as Baab is getting ready to put on his uniform, Katya says something, that lights up the resident tubelights of the house.

In true Vikram-Vetaal style, a riddle for the wordly (and wordly) wise, and those who are into Disney (that’s a clue, I think):

What did Katya say, or How do you get from a school uniform to a Flying Thing with a couple of degrees of separation? Answers will be posted in an update in a couple of days or after a critical mass of correct/incorrect responses are reached, whichever comes first!


  1. my little one asked me yesterday “daddy why are you still wearing your uniform?”.. she was refering to my formal shirt and pants which I had not removed an hour after coming home from work..

    she goes to Challenger where they have a uniform, so she knows the concept.

    so a disney princess costume could be a uniform for the disney princess?


    Comment by sundar narayanan — July 17, 2009 @ 2:51 am | Reply

  2. Sundar:

    Thanks for attempting. I was banking on since you have the experience :-). And your response bears me out.

    How the uniform became a Flying Thing – we need to understand how the wheels in those minds work! Somewhere, somehow, she has learned/understood that a unicorn is a flying horse (I did not even know that the unicorn is a horse, but then we are talking about me, not Katya!), and it appears that this is apparently a myth on an original Greek myth (a Supermyth?), perpetrated by Disney/Universal/Daycare. Anyway, now you have it:

    Uniform –> (Katya hears it as) Unicorn –> Flying Thing

    What is interesting is that at the critical juncture, she forgot even what she thought she had heard, i.e., Unicorn, but remembered the association with The Flying Thing!

    Comment by porcupyn — July 17, 2009 @ 7:56 am | Reply

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