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August 21, 2009

I have a dream …

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The last couple of days, I have seen how much better Usain Bolt is when compared to his competition. First, he reduced his WR time in the 100 metres to 9.58 (only one or two others have come close to the mark he broke, forget about the new one which is 0.11 seconds better). I pity the cameramen trying to chase down the world’s fastest human on the track, overburdened by their equipment.

Next, he brought down his own 200 metre mark beating the second-place dude by 0.62 seconds. You need to watch the video of the race to understand what that gap represents – and this was in a World-level final.

(No, I don’t understand German, but I don’t need to – this one is a pleasure just to watch)

So anyway, this morning, I had a thought. A couple of decades ago, an old Bobby Riggs was pitted against Margaret Court (beat her) and then against Billie Jean King (lost to her). How about trying something like that with Usain Bolt?

No, I don’t mean to have him run against an aged horse or something, but how about this? Bolt vs. Phelps in the swimming pool? Bolt runs and Phelps swims, of course! 100 yards in speedo, super speedo, or the birthday suit, whatever is acceptable to both gentlemen ;-). Here’s my take on it:

– up to 3 feet of water, I bet Bolt wins and Phelps has a lot of hurt in his knuckles, palms, knees etc.

– over 5 feet of water, Phelps will definitely bolt ahead.

It is what happens between 3 feet and 5 feet of water that would be really interesting. Where is Don King? I have a dream!!

PS: Looks like someone already has had a similar dream!

PPS: Cameramen with built-in cameras(!), chasing down Bolt at the end of the race (check out @1:350.42 mark of the first video of this post) … that would be nice to watch too 🙂


  1. And to think that the folklore talked about only short guys winning 100m dash!!! Amazing stuff…although, I have to admit that I was happy that his after race antics were lesser than the annoying ones in Beijing last year.

    After what happened with Ricky Berens, I am sure Phelps will be open to any or no swimming attire to make the ladies smile 🙂

    1:35 in the first video is simple priceless!!!

    As for your dream, remember, it was “old” Bobby Riggs then. It’s impossible to get Bolt and Phelps to do it now…too much at stake for the “loser”. Of course, you are free to dream 🙂

    Nice post and good vids….I can skip ESPN now 😉

    Comment by December Stud — August 21, 2009 @ 9:45 pm | Reply

  2. D.S.:

    Thanks for the compliment … also, from the comments on the videos, looks like many others also enjoyed watching the cameramen trying to keep pace with Bolt (I had to replace the link to the video – it was removed from YT – and the new one shows the cameramen at 0.42 :-).

    I had not heard about Ricky Berens before you commented. Ha ha!

    As to the antics, I think the purpose of all that is to add to the lore. I bet that, had he been able to do so, Usain would get WRs at the rate of 0.01 seconds per WR (like Bubka used to push up the pole vault mark one centimeter at a time – or something like that!).

    Comment by porcupyn — August 28, 2009 @ 6:52 am | Reply

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