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September 14, 2009

God is human but …

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… Enberg (PhD and all), is still Dick!

Here is a champion, not yet 21, who obviously does not have good command over his spoken English, wanting begging for a chance to say a few words in his language of choice to his fans and Dick, unbelievably and inexcusably, tells him that there is no time. Maybe Del Potro should have taken the match to a fifth set tie breaker winning 22-20 or some godawful score like that. I bet Enberg would have had time then, wouldn’t he? If I am primetime TV audience waiting for my favourite program, would I give a bleep whether I saw 25 minutes or 20 minutes of it? If I am not shown the show in its entirety, would I really care? I would surely not!

Check out the video at 0:33 and 1:05. And the comments there? O MY!!

I am upset, upset that God turned out to be human after all but, I am more upset at the treatment meted out to someone who will likely turn out to be a great champion in his own right. Men’s tennis certainly looks good at the top though, realistically speaking, at my level of play, there is nothing I can takeaway from watching it – in terms of a learning experience. There is no way I can hack even a forehand as hard as these conquistadors crack their backhands. Forget backhands and don’t even bring up my serve!!

Oh well … for the longest time, we had only Roger and Rafa at the Grand Slam summit. Now we have, in double quick time, a bunch of challengers – Murray, Roddick, Del Potro, Djokovic and dangerous floaters like Isner, Gonzalez and Verdasco.

[Update]Sujatha has written a much more eloquent post that covers this incident, using less “French” than I did.


  1. Dude, you are far more eloquent than me – Dick’s dickiness took my breath away. Here’s the two tweets I posted right after that:
    – DelPotro:”Can I speak in Spanish?” Dick Enberg:”No you can’t. My mom didn’t give me this first name for nothing.”

    – DelPotro:”Can I speak in Spanish?” Dick Enberg:”No,but here’s the keys to a Lexus convertible!!!” #cbsfail #enbergfail

    Comment by bhel — September 14, 2009 @ 11:10 pm | Reply

  2. BPSK:

    I’m sorry I don’t follow Twitter :-(. You can only be so eloquent in 140 characters.

    I need to start a poll – Dick Enberg or Serena Williams or Kanye West, whose behaviour was the worst?

    Check out the comments on that YT video? Pretty much sums it up! Looks like I am not in the minority.

    Comment by porcupyn — September 15, 2009 @ 8:01 am | Reply

  3. Head Honchos of CBS:

    I need to copy all of Captain Haddock’s pet phrases and Pile it High and Deep on them! Trillions of thundering typhoons! Bandits! Bloodsucking pirates! May billions of blistering barnacles cover your eyes!

    First these priceless idiots stop Del Potro from saying two words in Spanish, and now they have claimed copyright and removed the video from YT (I guess they have the right to do so, but seriously – do you think they gain fans or lose fans by this move?).

    The Amazing Race just lost a pair of eyeballs, you morons!

    Comment by porcupyn — September 15, 2009 @ 8:41 pm | Reply

  4. […] him to say a few words in Spanish for their fans. Porcupyn’s score: Indian award presenter 1, Dick Enberg 0. [Another thing I noted, the cheque was presented but the amount was also not loudly announced. […]

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