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October 31, 2009

A note to my idol-in-law

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Andre Agassi, please shut the heck up. We do not need to know what all controlled and uncontrolled substances you took and got away with. Wait a minute! We do want to know all the “right” things you did to maintain that level of fitness, but if you are saying that it is impossible to do so without the banned substances, you might as well recall your book. Surely, you don’t need the money, do you?

October 30, 2009

Visit to Four of Southwest USA’s National Parks (Part Seven of Many!)

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We reached the South Rim of the Grand Canyon about an hour or so before sunset. However, as we approached it from the east, we got stuck behind a line of vehicles stopped at the checkpoint (I believe to get entry permits or to get them verified). After a few minutes’ delay, we re-entered the Park, and decided to spend some time at the first viewing point (see Desert View on the map) to freshen up, as most of the members in the party had had a nice nap along the way.

What was supposed to have been a stop for a few minutes turned into a half an hour pit stop, during which we climbed up the … and took pictures. As a result, time was running out to find a good viewing point of the sunset. I drove like crazy to cover a few more miles to get closer to the Visitors’ Center (our original destination for sunset), but the Sun was faster. So, I had to take the first available viewing point (we probably got to Moran Point – refer to map – but I have now forgotten where we took the turn) to take Sunset photos. Here are some of them …


Sunset approaches at the Grand Canyon's South Rim


Before this trip, I somehow had the impression that the river cannot be seen from the South Rim; obviously, I was wrong


The lush greenery provides a refreshing contrast to the painted landscape behind. Those are not just shrubs but full grown trees!



Sunlight bounces off the cliffs ...


... at sunset


Tricks of the camera! Would you believe it if I said that this photo was taken ...

Visit to Four of Southwest USA’s National Parks (Part Six of Many!)

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[A very old travelogue lurches towards completion]
As I was concentrating on the scenery at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, I forgot to share the photos that I took enroute there from Hurricane. Though there is hardly any vegetation on this route, the colours on the ground, the mountains and the hues on the clouds combine to provide a singularly picturesque locale. If it was not so unbearably hot, above 105 degrees F, we would probably have stopped at a few more places and taken photos. As it was, we stopped at two-three places, and the rest of these photos were from within the vehicle. Here are a few of the ones I really liked (I will add captions sooooon) …




The photo on the right gives the idea of something similar to the Tunguska event (on a smaller scale, of course), which is still a mystery.







Movie update

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I am ashamed to confess that, on my recent trip, I watched a timepass movie along the lines of ones previously mentioned – kambakht ishq – but failed to watch one that I had wanted to watch (and had recommended). In my defence, I blame my severe headache + sore throat + cough. Rather than serious matter, which would have taken the headache to sublime levels, humour – even that of the timepass variety – was definitely the need of the hour.

Disclaimer: I was so not feeling well on the flight that there is a small chance that the movie on the flight was not The Soloist!

How many laddus – A Baab Tale

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A few months back, following a religious ceremony, a large gap between the supply and demand resulted in a large stockpile of laddus in the house. Dutifully, Baab and Katya’s mother corralled* the sweets into the freezer to ensure that they stayed relatively fresh.

Over the next couple of weeks, Baab religiously had a laddu/day in his lunch box as a snack (and relished them, obviously). One day, when he was eating his dessert, his lunch pal could not contain his curiosity: “How many laddus do you have at home?!!”

* corralled – the use of the word here might be controversial; however, those who would raise issues with the word do not realize that sweets come alive in the Porcupyn household and develop an urge to fly towards the stomach of the nearest (male) adult. Therefore, the personification is 100% legitimate. Now, whether the freezer can be an “enclosure” is a different argument altogether.

October 29, 2009

People in Portraits – Another Katya Tale

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Katya’s paternal grandparents live in ATown while her maternal grandparents live in BCity. Though she is currently living in BCity, it is obvious that she has not forgotten “her motherland” as evidenced by this incident:

Last year,we had a full house in OFLCity as the visits of both sets of grandparents overlapped for a week (a very very rare occurrence – rarer than a full solar eclipse). Obviously, to celebrate the occasion, we had gone to a local Portrait Studio for a group photo. A couple of weeks ago, while showing the photo to relatives, Katya identified the people in the photo – “ATown grandfather, ATown grandmother, BCity grandfather, BCity grandmother …” (and over our collective gasps and laughter) “OFLCity father, OFLCity mother, OFLCity Baab, and OFLCity Me” 😉

October 27, 2009

Travelling in Second Class on Indian Railways – an unrivalled pleasure …

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… but for the arguments with unreserved folks who get in and don’t let legit passengers, whether they are old and feeble or have infants with them, get to their seats/berths in time.

But that is small price to pay to listen to the music of the wheels on the track, without being sequestered within the comforts of an Air-conditioned coach. This pleasure is pure third world fun – developed countries cannot claim to have access to this pleasure except for rides on toy trains that kids typically ride on.


Karnataka Express - head


Karnataka Express - tail

Indian Railways rule (or should I say “rules”?), albeit with an avoidable mishap or two here and there. :-(..

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