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October 27, 2009

Pollution : Deepavali …

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… is similar to Rotting Teeth : Halloween. Let me explain.

Folks in India are currently leaving no stone unturned in trying to get kids away from lighting firecrackers and having fun (like we used to when we were kids – who am I kidding? I still have fun lighting crackers!). There are groups and e-mailing lists formed trying to get parents to influence their kids to stop having fun because of its effect on the environment. What these well-meaning adults fail to consider is that Indians (and probably, they themselves) are buying four-wheelers in droves, where the very same folks would make do with two-wheelers, or not even those, a generation or two ago!

So, if all those bigger vehicles are apparently/obviously not a big deal in polluting the environment, how will kids lighting firecrackers one day (ok, maybe three days) in a year do the damage (or do more damage)? I would rather have these parents vow not to drive their cars one whole week during the year than have them spoil the kids’ Deepavali fun.

That said, I would draw the line on the different noise-generating crackers such as the Laxmi bombs etc. (at least they should stop after a certain time, say 10 pm on one major Deepavali day, and 9 pm on the other “minor” days).

To draw a parallel analogy: have you ever wondered what might happen if I were to start a movement asking kids in the USA to stop going out for Halloween candy as it (surely) leads to upset stomachs and unhealthy teeth because kids consume too many chocolates as a result of “trick-or-treat”ing? I will be royally chastised, no question about it.

Brain getting rusty

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I admit it – I am slipping. It happened this weekend. At Schiphol Airport.

Dude walks up to me and says Paramaribo. I have no clue what he is saying or in what language. Then he repeats, Paramaribo, Suriname, 9:10 am. Now, I get the feeling that I am in the middle of some Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery or something. But it quickly dawns upon me that he is looking for his gate and, somehow, probably, I have an honest looking face and appear to be a totally D-not person (and why shouldn’t I, because my flight out was not until 1:05 pm?), which is why he is asking me and not one of the uniformed folks at the information counter (kids, do not try it at your next airport layover).

Anyway, I directed him to his gate (I hope he understood me when I said E2, especially because I had to say it a couple of times and then point out the letter E on the board towards the correct concourse), and got to thinking how that flight was going to go over the sometimes turbulent middle Atlantic Ocean. I also wondered how long that flight would be (haven’t yet googled to figure it out).

But, and this is the reason for the title of this post, I never put two and two together –> Netherlands … Suriname … Aruba … Halloway … Kalpoe brothers etc. Until yesterday, when I came upon a link to some awesome Deepavali photos (my favourites #s 1, 21-24, 26, 33), and there in the comments was a reference to the Kalpoes (in reference to photo # 24).

Note to myself: enough of the King of Queens; need to get back to watching Jeopardy (same time slot).

PS: Check out the reverence in the soldier’s eyes in #27 – great photo!

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