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November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween

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To help Baab share in the tradition of Halloween from India, I rigged up this setup that included two speakers, a webcam and a Skype connection via the internet. Got Mrs. Porcupyn to wake up Baab at the unearthly hour of 5:15 am (thankfully, it was a Sunday) to greet trick or treaters in his USA neighbourhood. Baab was only too glad to have some fun at the expense of some dressed up kids.

Though the ‘halo’ was missing from Happy Halloween, Baab was very audible, and louder than this dry run indicated.

The funniest part was when this eight or nine year-old pirate showed up, wearing a mask and carrying a bloodied sword. First, he was taken aback at being greeted. Then, after getting his candy, he regained his composure and peered through the wire mesh of the window screen. In spite of seeing no one there (what could he have seen? there really was nobody there), he brandished his sword at the webcam (at the center of the photo on the left below) and screamed “I can see you!”

Baab was ROTFLing, and so was I. At around this time, the pirate realized that he was all by himself and his fellow pirates, ghouls and goblins had left in search of fresh blood (or candy). So he hotfooted it out of there, still saying “He is there … I can see him!”

Photo of Webcam and speakers

Photo inside room (taken with the flash)


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