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November 24, 2009

Deep down, they are tigresses!

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Long long ago, when Tracy Austin and Andrea Jaeger were the new kids (literally) on the block Tennis court, one of the players at the time – I believe it was either Chris Evert or Martina Navratilova – had made the comment I used as the title of this post.

Guess what? The tigresses are getting tinier and tinier, but they still are as ferocious. Last weekend, I went to the local Tennis joint to check out a local tournament (the first time that I have been to one); I believe it was at the intra-state level.

This tiny girl was pretty competitive from the very beginning (at least, from the point at which I started watching) of this later-round match, which I later learned that she lost. With every one of either her well played point or her opponents error, she would egg herself on with a “Come ON!” and it was funny to watch her question line calls – there were three different points of inflection that she used (for the same question, repeated thrice) when questioning a line call that her opponent made – “Are you sure?” Here she is (as you can see, she is probably barely taller than her racket):

Then there was Noah in the under-14s – I could not (and still cannot) believe that was U-14! They could not have been more than 12 (maybe they were not and were just playing at the higher level). But boy, were they whacking the ball around. Their normal rallies were longer than probably the longest I have ever rallied with my Tennis buddies. Here is a sample:

It was fun watching the kids so I could do a reality check as to where I would rank. I am glad to say that I believe I can still probably beat out the under-10 boys and give a tough fight to the under-12 girls in Tennis! Watching these kids was a revelation, to say the least. I mean, the under-10 girls were probably serving better than I ever did – definitely in terms of the first serve percentage and maybe just about my serving speed.

I guess it is time for me to get to the drawing board, and figure out the geometrics of my serve and see how and why it is that I have such a difficult time placing the ball in the right rectangle!


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