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January 31, 2010

Image … is nothing

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It is what you are inside that matters!

January 29, 2010

Shopping online hurts your wallet

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… especially if you visit Overstock often!

Looking for wall thermometer ...

... coming away with everything but that!

January 26, 2010

Tennis Buddies

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For the last few months, I have been playing Tennis (doubles) once a week with three buddies. We are most definitely amateurs ;-), but I sometimes like to compare ourselves with professionals (cricketers)!

Dude #1: He is definitely good (compared to our average level), but he definitely has his off-days. On any given day, he can boom in unreturnable serves (wide off the forehand corner or into the body) or serve double faults galore. His ground strokes can be precise, or they can pierce the bottom of the net or fly out of the court onto the road behind! If you play singles against him, all you need to do is keep the ball in play – he will do the rest. Is like Sehwag.

Dude #2: He is good but relatively predictable. His serves lack the punch of ‘Sehwag’ (above) but are precise. Rarely does he double fault, and rarely are his serves unreturnable either. His groundstrokes are precise and he can rally for quite some time without losing it! You have got to wrong foot him or outrally him to win a point. Is like Dravid.

Dude #3: He is better than me, but definitely unpredictable. He has a wicked backhand slice and no specific faults either on the forehand or the backhand side. ‘Dravid’ probably is a better groundstroke player, but this dude definitely has more of the unpredictability factor as to where his shots will land. His serves lack the ‘Sehwag’ punch, but – again because of their unpredictability – can result in more winners than the ‘Dravid’ serve. Is like Chandrashekhar.

Dude #4: And that leaves me. I am right about average, but steady. My serve is pathetic, but it is my only ploy to get the ball in play – that said, I would never serve underhand (I don’t count Michael Chang or Trevor Chappell among my idols). I can rally with the best of them on forehand groundstrokes, but my backhand I don’t want to talk about (I blame it on Racquetball). I love to run around the court, my weight notwithstanding, though I am clearly no Chang or Nadal. Once in a while, I try to vary my shots and – in general – I am working on improving the accuracy of my shots. I try not to beat myself – you gotta do the hard work (or serve an ace) to get a point out of me. I like to think of myself as Kumble ;-).

If I were to play singles, Dravid is the best bet – we could keep rallying, like, forever! I hope I don’t get in trouble with ‘Sehwag’, ‘Dravid’ and Chandrashekhar’ now ;-). As one of them once said (in jest, I should add), maybe I should get into Tennis coaching!

Photo quiz answer

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I meant to put these photos up a couple of weeks ago, when “Me” responded with the correct answer. Better late than never …

P.S.: I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but I don’t understand why WP fails to align these photos! 😦

IMG_4794 IMG_4795 IMG_4797

January 1, 2010

From the grapevine of humour

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[As related by the respective parents of the precious, precocious kids]
As kids watched a video on TV, parents (in kitchen) were having a normal marital (i.e., exothermic) discussion. In a minute, the kid’s voice was heard (over the dual dins, i.e., parents + TV), telling older sibling: “It’s OK, they will be friends in a couple of minutes!”
Daughter (to some friends): “Akka (older sister) is a good dancer, I am a good singer, and Appa is a good listener!”
Keep the fun going in the New Year, kids and parents. 😉

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