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December 2, 2010

On cherry-picking – A Katya Tale

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I don’t know how the term cherry-picking originated, but it does refer to selecting something that you like.

Last month, Katya’s class had a Thanksgiving Feast, for which the school had catered food in for Feast participants. In the menu were two choices for dessert – Apple Pie or Cherry Pie.

Once most kids at the table had finished their food, they were asked for their choice of dessert. One of the kids had picked Cherry Pie. A slice was brought to his table, and he eagerly scooped up his first spoonful.

The next moment, his face performed a series of contortions culminating in a violently obstreperous expulsion of the contents of his mouth onto his plate. After gulping some water, he was ready for (drumrolls) Apple Pie.

Cherry-picking was definitely an oxymoron in this context!! 😉

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