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December 13, 2010

Tales of Katya – Katya, Appa’s Defence Attorney

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One night, as I was putting Baab and Katya to bed. [Truthmeter interjects: only Katya because Baab can sleep all by himself now!]

As I was reading her a story, I remembered something I wanted to tell Mrs. Porcupyn and yelled out to her. After no response, I heard kids muttering “Lazy amma!” under their breath.

Immediately, I corrected their perception “Lazy Appa not lazy Amma!” adding that, after all, Amma does most of the work in the house and Appa just sits and does nothing.

Defence Attorney Katya rose up to Appa’s defence: “Well, Appa dooz a lot of work too! He reads to me every night when I go to bed!” [Strictly speaking, not true, says the Truthmeter because sometimes Appa watches Outsourced or Sunday Night Football and neglects Katya at bedtime]

Porcupyn: “Well, that’s not a lot! Besides, Amma does so much other work!”

Katya (continues in her role as Defence Attorney): “… AND you give me bath!” [Ttruthmeter agrees, but …]

Porcupyn: “That’s not a big deal and besides, Amma does that too!”

Katya (presents an irrefutable argument): “Well, you bring me home from daycare too!” [Truthmeter goes ding ding ding as Katya delivers a TKO ;-)]

PS: Appa is acquitted (for the time-being, at least) of the crime of being lazy.

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