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September 25, 2011

In defence of my Defence Attorney (Katya)

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In response to my complaints that Katya is not picking up our mothertongue, Kannada, and talks in English all the time, Mrs. Porcupyn tried to start off with lesson 0.1:

Mrs. P: Katya, what does ‘ooru’ mean?

Katya (brightly): One hundred.

Mrs. P: No Katya, ‘nooru’ means one hundred, What does ‘ooru’ mean?

At this point, I decided to step in and bat for my attorney. Invoking the spirit of Kalidasa (in the manner he beat his wife in debating), I explained: Just like ‘eeruLLi’ and ‘neeruLLi’ mean the same (onions) in Kannada, similarly, Katya must have determined that ‘ooru’ and ‘nooru’ are the same. 😉

September 21, 2011

Katya the Foodie (not!!)

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So, we come home from school (daycare, to be precise). As is her wont, Katya had her requests lined up:

“Appa, may I watch TV?”

Appa (how can I let your mind starve for the whole day without your TV, my child?): “Sure”

“Appa, may I have a brownie?”

Appa (how can I let your stomach starve in the evening, my child?): “Su … Oh, waitaminute! Finish the 2/2 waffle from this morning that you did (could) not finish before you had to rush to school!”

Katya (five minutes later): “Appa, I am done. Now may I have the brownie?”

Appa (good job – you’ve finished your breakfast, my child!): “OK … Ooooh, waitaminute!” (memories of uneaten lunches past come flooding to the father, who has to listen to a daily tantrum that child throws at mother in defence of those uneaten lunches) “Did you finish your lunch?”

Katya: “Ummmm … No.”

Appa (glad at having staved off tantrum of the day): “Eat that first then!”

She’s finished her breakfast (finally); now I am now waiting for her to finish her lunch, so I can approve the snack (brownie).

Note: The above sequence of events would’ve been impossible without the catalyst in the background (the TV, of course).

Update: She is only halfway through lunch … and has quit for the time being. 😦

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