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March 5, 2012

Aaah! vividh bharati!!

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Thanks to a friend on FB, I have been able to tune in to vividh bharati after quite a while. The songs played on that station are still similar to those that used to be played three decades ago. After a week of intense catching up listening :-), I have rediscovered a few old favourites that I had forgotten.

नींद कभी रहती थी

यूँ ही दिल ने चाहा था

Not only that, I rediscovered a few songs of somewhat dubious quality (hidden among some more gems) as well. These songs I like – without prejudice against the dubious ones – as they remind me of India of that time, an era when I used to be glued to the SLBC while studying for the plethora of entrance examinations right after Class 12th. Without much ado, here they are, good ones interspersed with the couple of dubious ones. I won’t say which I consider dubious – YMMV! 😉

तू जो कहे तो राधा बनूँ रे

गंगा तोहरे घाट पे

और नहीं बस तुम से कहना, जीवन साथी

मैं ने ये फ़ैसला कर लिया है

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