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August 29, 2012

jai ho Facebook maiyyaa kee!

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Schools reopened after the summer break last week. Kiddo started in a new school. Middle school is somewhat different from elementary (primary) school, so parents had more than the usual number of questions after school in the evening. Kiddo had more elaborate answers than his typical range of “Good”, “Fine”,”Yes” and “No” as well.

The topic turned to his Maths class. He said that the teacher had given out a difficult puzzle. More questions elicited the information that only one kid out of about 27 had solved it (kiddo was not the one).

Mom: So, what was the puzzle?

Kiddo: Well, we had to figure out the number of squares.

Dad: Was the answer 40?

Kiddo (wide-eyed): Yes, how did you know?

Dad: Did most of the kids get 26 or 28 as their answers?

Kiddo (laughs): Yes.

Mom now wide-eyed.

jai ho Facebook maiyyaa kee!! 😉

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