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October 30, 2012

Dilemma for Katya – Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? [Tales of Katya]

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On the way back home earlier today, Katya informed me that the class was conducting a mock vote for the President today. Well, she added, the teacher did not have time for the vote today, so maybe she would do it next Tuesday. “Next Tuesday?,” I asked. “No, I mean tomorrow,” she replied.

“Appa,” she asked, “who should I vote for? Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?”

“Well, ” I answered, diplomatically dodging the question, “you should ask your mother.”

Katya: “But who should I vote for? Who is the right person?”

I replied: “There is no one right person. If there were, why are they holding the election? They should just make the right person the President.”

It turned out that Baab’s class had also voted. So I asked Baab who he’d voted for. Barack Obama, was the answer. At that, Katya piped up, “Lexi and Amanda are voting for Romney.”

“How about Salma and Sieana?” I asked.

Katya: They are both voting for Barack Obama.

“What about Katya?” I shrewdly threw in, knowing that the answer might just be lurking there, waiting to come out.

Katya: “I am thinking of voting for Barack Obama as well, but Giovanni said that Obama says bad things.”

Now really curious, I blurted out, “What bad things has he said?”

Katya: “Well, Giovanni says that Barack Obama said that girls can kiss girls and boys can kiss boys.”

At this point, I started to get the impression that if we were to waterboard Giovanni, all the truth will come out about how Barack Obama wants the following gifts from Santa for Christmas:

mothers who can kill babies
doctors who can treat patients for free
a Cruella De’Vil who hands out Halloween candy
Cinderella can ride only a pumpkin, and
Beauty cannot kiss the beast! 😉

[Edited to add]: Thank goodness Katya is older than this girl!

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