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March 8, 2015

A Hiranyakashipu-Prahlada moment – A Katya Tale

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Katya is learning about gravity; Mrs. Porcupyn is trying to explain that all objects exert gravitational pull against each other. I had to step in to clarify some things that, thankfully, I still remember from my undergrad education!!

Just like Hiranyakashipu points to different objects and asks Prahlada: “Is God in this object?”, similarly I was being asked whether books, animals, planets etc. exert gravitational pull!

March 6, 2015

He Man … or the Scavenger of the Universe – A Katya Tale

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Latest drama scene from the Porcupyn household

Setting: kitchen area

Taco shells are heating in the toaster oven; Katya waiting patiently for them]

[Baab rummages through the freezer]

Porcupyn: (to Baab) What are you looking for in the freezer? (to Mrs. Porcupyn) Is he not eating tacos as well (or ದೋಸೆ)?

Mrs. Porcupyn: He does not want tacos.

Baab: I don’t want either; I am looking for drumsticks.

Mrs. Porcupyn: I think the packet has only one** drumstick; maybe Katya has already eaten it.

Porcupyn (With a guffaw): I don’t think that is what he is looking for.

Katya (simultaneously and louder, with a shriek): Amma! He is looking for an icecream!
(at Baab, an octave higher): You’re sick! You cannot have an icecream!

Baab (still rummaging): Yes I can! [finds one solitary cone in the freezer and immediately rips its cover)

Katya (ready to pounce – whether on Baab or the “drumstick” even Sanjaya wouldn’t know): Amma! He is SICK! He cannot have an icecream.

Mrs. Porcupyn (searching for peace, not peas): Katya, do YOU want the … ummm … drumstick?

Katya: No!

Mrs. Porcupyn (relieved): Then let him have it.

[a *ting* sounds in the background, diverting Mrs. Porcupyn’s attention]

Mrs. Porcupyn: Whoops! How did the taco shell get burned? See, this is what happens when you kids distract me when I am in the kitchen. Now who will eat the burned taco shell?

Baab (in his role of the Sherlock Holmes of the 21st century): You should have reduced the temperature!

Katya (simultaneously … and louder, answers the more burnt … errr … burning question): Appa will!! He eats EVERYTHING!

Porcupyn: *should I laugh or should I cry??!!*

* dosa in kannada
** salutations to Deep Foods quality control department. We have never had 0, or 2 or more drumsticks in one packet ever!

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