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January 31, 2017

Paris and Berlin – a Thanksgiving Saga (Part 2)

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Counting down to our departure, with about three weeks or so left, Baab came home from school saying that one of his fingers was hurting. Apparently he had been playing throw-and-catch (American) football in school and one of the balls he was supposed to be catching had glanced off his fingertip. It’s been a while so I don’t remember whether it was the same day or the next day, but off went Mrs. Porcupyn and Baab to the local urgent care (maybe it was the same day, as I remember the urgent care). Diagnosis: Broken finger. They next went to the orthopedic doctors, who fashioned a splint for him to wear for the next four weeks.

As if that was not enough, within a week or so, Baab was rough-housing with friends at a friend’s house when his toes realized that a cylindrical pillar is as hard – if not harder – than an interior wall. After he came home in pain, a trip to the urgent care facility followed. Diagnosis: two broken toes. Unlike the fingers, for toes, there is not really any treatment – they are supposed to heal on their own. But the folks at the facility did give him an open-toed shoe (only one) so he could better accommodate his toes, which were bandaged together in “buddy wrap” as they referred to it, to facilitate their quicker healing and to prevent further mishaps.

And so it was that come flight time, Baab was digitally challenged in one hand and one foot. During the time leading up from when we decided to go on a trip, I had researched and found out the an open jaw itinerary starting landing in Paris and leaving from a few other candidate European cities would be about the same as a round-trip to Paris. Not having a good idea of how much we might like Paris, we decided to have an open jaw itinerary of MCO-OSL-ORY on the outbound leg and SXF-OSL-MCO on the inbound leg.

And yes, that meant a few things:

  • we would be spending two days (and three nights) apiece in Paris and (gasp) Berlin
  • we would be taking the TGV (first time for anyone in the family to go over 100 mph over land)
  • half the time would be used in travel, given the layovers (up and down) at Gardermoen Airport, Oslo and the day long train ride with two train changes.

But we were looking forward to all of those, for sure.


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