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June 24, 2018

Becky … and Margaret – a Katya Tale

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Katya and I recently visited Magic Kingdom on our annual pilgrimage to Walt Disney’s World. Because of intermittent showers, thunder and lightning activity, it was not the normal fruitful trip – many of the rides were cancelled for the most part of the day, especially the outdoor ones. As a result, the queues for those attractions were astronomical even by recent Disney standards – and the resultant spillover because of closures force-landed on the inside attractions such as perennial favourite Space Mountain.

We were forced to wander around looking for something that had a shorter queue. We saw this raft ride that we had usually skipped; this ride was a two-minute ride to a small island – “Tom Sawyer’s Island” – that we’d never been to (other attractions were more attractive to us). After we landed on the island, Katya asked me whether I knew who Becky Thatcher was – I said sure I did, “She was Tom Sawyer’s girlfriend!” Apparently, I had failed to notice that the raft that had helped us cross the moat to the island was named after her (a typical Disney touch).

Anyway, we had fun exploring the little island in the rain, until the authorities were forced to close it due to inclement weather and “extradite” us back to Magic Kingdom.

So, today, we were recounting the incident to Mrs. Porcupyn.

Katya: So, do you know who Becky Thatcher was?

Mrs. Porcupyn: Well, I had forgotten but now that you talked about her, I remember. (Counter question) Do you know who Margaret Thatcher was?

Katya: Ummm… Becky Thatcher’s mother?

Porcupyn: #Facepalm!!

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