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September 1, 2014

Back to blogging once more – Katya’s cousin’s tale

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My niece, i.e., Katya’s cousin, had gone for a vacation in India with her family and returned recently. As part of the transportation arrangements, the family engaged a driver whose name is Ghalib. Now, for the most part, kids growing up in the USA are not really used to non-Christian names. That was definitely the case with my niece.

So it was that my niece was unsure about Ghalib’s name. It was a tongue-twister for her. One of the names she called him was ‘gulaab’ – but that was not the most hilarious. It was when she called him ‘gulaab jaamun’ 😉

May 3, 2009

The Kids’ Names …

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Until now, this blog referred to The Older One as the kiddo, and The Younger One as the little one. But now, following some other blogs, I think it is time to give better names. Actually, I will go one step better. I will use the names that were so near, yet so far.

When we had our first born, we – like typical parents – went back and forth with the name. To start off, each of us had a bunch of boy name choices and girl name choices. Then we worked on whittling down each other’s choices. Mrs. Porcupyn wanted to have names that were easy to pronounce (so that others would not go “Wow! That’s a wonderful name! *How-the-heck-do-I-pronounce-it?*”). I, just to give her a tough time, came up with names as long as I could – with readymade short forms (who in the whole World uses their fulll name anyway!). Anyway, my favourite boy name (since kiddo is a boy) that almost fit was Babruvahana (‘Baab’ for short). So, henceforth, kiddo will be referred to as ‘Baab’ on this blog.

Somehow, a name from my list was used for Baab. Needless to say, the onus of naming The Little One fell on Baab’s mother! But did that stop me from trying to needle her? No sirree Baab!

Again, we went through the whole rigmarole of boy names and girl names. Once more, each of us had the power of suggestion and the other had the power of rejection. This time, however, I did not have The Final Choice, so I could get really creative with my top pick, since I did not really think it would fly. Drum rolls please for my top girl name pick (since The Little One is a girl!) … Katyayani (‘Kaat’ or ‘Katya’ for short). Going forward, I will refer to the Little One as Kaat or Katya depending on what strikes my fancy.

May 2, 2008

The Kiteflyer

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In honour of the couple of folks who read this blog, and who have recently showed off their poetry, I present my first piece. Is it a haiku, is it a kaiku, or a sonnet or a ballad? You decide.

Kite flyer.
Became (after) kite runner.
Kite won. 😦

April 26, 2008

What next? Gecko Beach?

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Kiddo and I were having an animated discussion about a recent visit to a Disney water park. Suddenly, a little voice chimed in, “I wanna go too.”

Kiddo and I: Where?
Little voice: Lizard Beach.

February 7, 2008

Sit. Ubu. Sit. Good Dog!

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Family Ties, once more.

A question for those who know better. I got this after watching the second clip below – are the laughs in the background actual audience laughs or canned laughs, or is it actual audience laughs based on “Applause” displays?

One of the first episodes I watched, and a favourite.

Here is an episode guide.

March 7, 2007

I am the proud owner of …

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the inaugural season on DVD for this show.

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