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November 15, 2008

Space Shuttle Endeavour takes off!

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Space Shuttle Endeavour as seen from our backyard yesterday.

Space Shuttle Endeavour

Space Shuttle Endeavour


July 2, 2008

An Astronomical Question …

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An astronomy question from someone who – once upon a time – wanted to be an astronomer (long story snipped):

Here is a quote from Yahoo –>

Voyager 2 hit the southern edge of the solar system nearly 1 billion miles closer to the sun than Voyager 1 did to the north. Voyager 2 hit the edge at 7.8 billion miles from the sun.

Now, the Earth spins around its axis which is tilted about 23.5 degrees off the vertical. The best way I can describe its orbit is either east or west (I don’t know which), but definitely not north or south. Similarly, to the best of my understanding, the orbits of all planets are – more or less – on the same plane.

So, how can the Voyagers have gone north or south, unless we use Uranus’s poles for reference? For those that don’t know, Uranus rotates about its horizontal position.

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