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September 29, 2015

Ask how India

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A few years back, I had a blog pal Pranav. He was trying to create a movement at the grassroots level to improve Bengalooru. His website has not been active for a while and I am not in correspondence with him either. However, I came across this website today which will likely make him glad as it also appears to be based along a similar thought process.


September 28, 2015

Countries and capitals

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I have started a new game with Katya and her carpool buddy. I say the name of the country and they have to come up with the capital. To provide some background, Katya is not into geography and bees (of any kind) – carpool buddy, though three years younger, is into the Geography Bee (at his level). Needless to say, the experience has been slow going so far and fun. Sample these:

Porcupyn: What is the capital of Pakistan?
Katya: Give us a hint …
Porcupyn: Isss …
Katya: Islamabad. ding-ding-ding

Porcupyn: How about Afghanistan?
Katya: Give us a hint …
Porcupyn: It ends with ‘bul’
Katya: Islamabull? boink-boink-boink

Porcupyn: Capital of Russia?
Katya: It starts with an M …
Porcupyn: Yess … complete it!
Katya: Give us a hint …
Porcupyn: It ends with ‘cow’
Katya: Mocow? boink-boink-boink

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